1-Truck-7 is a 2007 American LaFrance Eagle 75’ aerial ladder quint.  The power plant is a 515 horsepower, Series 60 Detroit Diesel, with a 55 gallon fuel tank.  Truck 7 has an Allison 4000 EVS Automatic transmission.  Truck 7 is equipped with an American LaFrance single stage twin flow, mid-ship pump, capable of producing 1500 gallons per minute. Along with a side-mount pump panel, Truck 7 is equipped with a 300 gallon poly water tank.   Providing power to the Night Master optimum 700 scene lights is a Harrison MAS 10.0kw hydraulic drive generator.  The business end of Truck 7 is a LTI MV-75, 75’ aerial ladder. The ladder of Truck 7 is extendable to 75’ vertically and 68.8’ horizontally.  The ladder is pre-piped to a fully controllable Akron 3578 Stream master monitor.  The aerial operator has the ability to communicate with the firefighter at the top of the ladder via a Firecom Panther CCS intercom system.  This piece of apparatus carries a crew of 6 firefighters.  The crew can communicate while in the cab thanks to the Firecom 3010R intercom system. The 3010R intercom system is complete with 6 firecom UH-10 headsets. Truck 7 is equipped with 7 Scott 4.5 air-packs and 8 spare cylinders.  This truck carries a variety of ground ladders including; 2-14’ roof ladders, 1-24’ extension ladder and 1-35’ extension ladder.  Truck 7 carries 1000’ of 5” supply hose; 200’ of 3” hose; and 500’ of 1 3/4” hose.  Truck 7 has all the necessary tools that a truck company could possibly need at fire.

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      2018 Incident Log

-Month- -Calls for Service-
January 12
February 10
March 6
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July 13

2018 Total: 71

Working Fires: 14


2017 Total CFS: 100

Working Fires: 22


2016 Total CFS: 106

Working Fires: 32

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