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  • 10ft x 20ft - $75.00
  • 20ft x 20ft - $100.00
  • 20ft x 30ft - $125.00

Contact Jason Chandler at 570-423-6599, Monday-friday between 8am - 4pm for reservations.



  • $65.00 without kitchen
  • $125.00 with kitchen
  • $25.00 refund if properly cleaned up after use

Contact Athens Borough Offices at 570-888-2319, Monday-Friday between 8am - 4pm for reservations.

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                             Recreational Campfires

We all know what the warmer weather is coming and with that comes backyard barbaques and campfires.  The Athens Borough Fire Department wants to remind all the Borough residences that you can have a recreational type campfire for cooking or relaxing.  It must be contained and located in an area not adjacent to any structures, such as a house, shed or garage.  For any questions or clarification on this subject, please see the Athens Borough Police Department.  Please be safe and have a plan, just in case.

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      2018 Incident Log

-Month- -Calls for Service-
January 12
February 10
March 6
April 8
May 12
June 11
July 13

2018 Total: 71

Working Fires: 14


2017 Total CFS: 100

Working Fires: 22


2016 Total CFS: 106

Working Fires: 32

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